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A Conversation with Stuart France – Seeing Meaning!

I first met Stuart France only relatively recently (more's the pity!). I had gone to the UK to explore the land with Sue Vincent and Stuart. On arrival at Sue's home, I was welcomed by Stuart. We were talking like old friends in minutes! Trust me, spending an evening in the company of Stuart and Sue's isn't just magical, it is regenerative and it restores your faith in humanity. As you can see below, and in his blogs, Stuart can be brief and to the point, but he can equally 'wax lyrical' about Albion, Magic, The Templars and much much more so enthusiastically that it lifts you to another level. He is a magical man and I'm happy to call him a friend.

By the way, if you haven't read any of his books, they are deep and filled with wisdom, highly readable and also down to earth. Please hunt out one of his books or one of his co-written books with Sue Vincent.... it is worth it! One I can truly recommend since I have read it a couple of times now is The Living One: Caravan to Cairns. The book "is something of a strange and unique little book. It is strange in that it interweaves short re-tellings of the Gospel of Thomas with equally staccato-like chapters of prose about the author’s trip with Jed (to whom the book is dedicated) during which the author finds the Gospel of Thomas in a bookstore. Various comments and explanations of the Gospel of Thomas rewrites are offered at the end of the book together with further re-tellings. The overall effect is a fascinating and unique look at this important Gospel." (My review).


SBR: What motivates or drives you to write books?

SF: Necessity.

SBR: Where do you get your ideas for a book?

SF: My Contact.

 SBR: How did you get started writing books and when did you realize you were hooked?

SF: I had to write a novel in order to complete my M.A in Creative Writing.


SBR: How important is a good book cover?

SF: Tremendously.

SBR: Who do you admire most as a writer of your genre and why?

SF: Not sure I have a genre in which anybody else writes.

SBR: What books have you just read and why did you choose them?

SF: I recently read a couple of Alan Richardson’s books. One was bought for me, and the other was on a topic dear to my heart.

SBR: What is your background in the Occult/Metaphysics/Magic non-fiction or fiction genre?

SF: I have spent the last twenty-five years in a series of Spiritual, Mystical, Magical Schools.

SBR: What do you think is the biggest threat to magic and why?

SF: Disbelief. It cannot happen if no one believes.

SBR: How do you create your reality?

SF: I live it.

SBR: What’s next in terms of books for you?

SF: ‘Nuances of Nicholl: Keys to Heaven’ is next up. It’s the third in a Philosophical Triad. The other two being, ‘Pieces of Nietzsche’ and ‘Slivers of Soren.’


Happy times exploring the land together. Stuart makes the best sandwiches I ever tasted as well, which is a bonus on such trips.

Stuart, Sue Vincent and myself "playing out!"






About Stuart France

Stuart France is a writer, essayist and holds degrees in Philosophy and Literature, and Creative Writing.

With a passion for myth and a rare talent for teasing meaning from obscure and disjointed texts, Stuart France has married an adventurous road trip through the heartlands of Australia to one of the Nag Hammadi gospels in The Living One, published a series of poetic interpretations of philosophical works and a number of graphic novels based on folklore.

Crucible of the Sun, a retelling of the Mabinogion drew praise from Philip Carr-Gomm, then Chief Druid of OBOD, and scholars alike.

In addition to his poetic and philosophical works, he also writes in partnership with Sue Vincent.

The writing partnership of France and Vincent has a peculiar alchemy of humour, scholarship and vision that has given birth to many books, including the Triad of AlbionDoomsday and Lands of Exile series.

After decades of practical involvement with the magical and mystical traditions of the esoteric fraternity, France and Vincent are now directors of the Silent Eye, a School of Consciousness. As part of their commitment to the school, they run regular workshops in the landscape, details of which can be found on the Silent Eye website.

Together, they spend most of their free time exploring and cataloguing the ancient and sacred sites of Albion, seeking to understand their purpose and what they meant to those who built the ancient monuments and places of worship. You can follow their adventures online at .

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3 Responses

  1. Darlene Foster says:

    A great interview with Stuart. He says so much in a few words. Wish I could do that!

  2. willowdot21 says:

    This is such an interesting interview, Stuart’s answers are like him. Honest to the point and tinged with humour. I have met Stuart twice and he is a true wizard. ?

  3. Anne Copeland says:

    I have longed to get to England, and have learned so much about it without being there from Sue and Stuart, but it will never be the same as going there and experiencing it in person. Every time I read something about any of the various places they have written about somewhere else, I get chills up my spine, but they are good ones!

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