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The Living One: Contemplations on the Gospel of Thomas

The Living One: Contemplations on the Gospel of Thomas
Written by Stuart France


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“It is the very nature of esoteric thought to seek the inner truth and knowledge hidden behind the outer face presented to the world. This retelling of the Gospel of Thomas is a personal exploration of that quest for inner truth, fuelled by the acquisition of a book that began a journey into meaning.” Many scholars believe that the Gospel According to Thomas preserves a glimpse into the oral traditions of the Gospels. The book, one of the nag Hammadi Scrolls, is a collection of sayings, parables and teachings attributed to Jesus. In this unique interpretation Stuart France brings the oral tradition to life, retelling the Gospel in his own words, in the way it may have been told around the hearthfires of our forefathers. Accompanied by in depth comments that draw upon the esoteric tradition of the Mystery Schools, The Living One throws open a window on an age old story.

The Living One: Contemplations of the Gospel of Thomas is something of a strange and unique little book.  It is strange in that it interweaves short re-tellings of the Gospel of Thomas with equally staccato-like chapters of prose about the author's trip with Jed (to whom the book is dedicated) during which the author finds the Gospel of Thomas in a bookstore.  Various comments and explanations of the Gospel of Thomas rewrites are offered at the end of the book together with further re-tellings. The overall effect is a fascinating and unique look at this important Gospel. The book probably should be read and contemplated a number of times to obtain its full effects.

I have long thought the Gospel of Thomas to be an important document to study for esoteric truth. Many of the sayings in the Gospel are, at first sight, bizarre and therefore warrant contemplation in an esoteric context. Stuart France has tackled this in his own unique manner enriching the subject matter and opening it up to further contemplation and insights. He als0 writes well and I enjoyed it as a result.

Highly recommended.


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