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Alan Richardson – Conversations on Visions of Paviland

I talked to author Alan Richardson about his book Visions of Paviland – Have a listen here?  

Podcast with Author Sue Vincent

Here is an episode of The Magical World of G. Michael Vasey in which I talked with SC Vincent….

Interviews….. The Magical World of G. Michael Vasey Podcast.

Those of you interested in the author interviews may wish to check out my podcast – The Magical World of G. Michael Vasey – where I am interviewing many authors right now and I will post episode here.

A Conversation with Stuart France – Seeing Meaning!

I first met Stuart France only relatively recently (more’s the pity!). I had gone to the UK to explore the land with Sue Vincent and Stuart. On arrival at Sue’s home, I was welcomed by Stuart. We were talking like old friends in minutes! Trust me, spending an evening in the company of Stuart and … Read More

Author Interview – Sue Vincent – Of Myth and Magic….

Sue Vincent is a constant inspiration to me and I suspect to many, many, others. She writes and blogs probably more than anyone I know and I am always amazed by her insights and encouraged by her positive attitude to life no matter what happens – and trust me – Sue has not had an … Read More

A Conversation with Elen Sentier

Today, I am very pleased to talk with Elen Sentier,  an author and wilderness woman! I am in the middle of reading her latest book which is titled Shaman Pathways – Trees of the Goddess: a new way of working with the Ogham and can be purchased here. Hopefully my view of that book will be up … Read More

A Conversation with Alan Richardson

Today we talked to Alan Richardson and what a lovely conversation it was. Alan is the author of a whole raft of superb books including his latest – Geordie’s War – that even features a foreword by Sting. I think you will enjoy the interview as much as i did.         About … Read More

A Conversation with Marten Crawford

Strange Book Reviews recently interviewed first-time author Marten Crawford. His first book is an excellent read and is called The Adept Magician. About Marten Crawford Marten lives in Ireland. Since very early age he was interested in Magic and the occult. Back in the ’70s and ’80s, there were virtually no books on the occult, … Read More

An Interview with G. Michael Vasey by Nick Wale

A Conversation with G. MICHAEL VASEY Author of THE LAST OBSERVER Expat Brit located in the Czech Republic G. Michael Vasey is one of those unique writers you come across on a hot summer day. I have marvelled at this interview, and I’ve wondered what I can really say about it. I like this writer—a … Read More

An Interview with Gordon Strong

Strange Book Reviews is very pleased to welcome multi-talented and well known author, Mr. Gordon Strong to our website in the form of an interview. First, a few words about the man himself…. Gordon Strong has written numerous books on the Arthurian legends, Neolithic sites, The Tarot, Qabalah, Magic and magical practioners.  Seven novels by … Read More