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About Us

We like strange books – that is books with topics that include the following,

  • Non-fiction
    • Occult
    • Metaphysics
    • Esoteric Science
    • Tarot
    • Kabbalah
    • Crystals
    • Water divining
    • Hermetics
    • Life after death
    • Astral projection
    • Time
    • Gods and goddesses
    • Pagan
    • Wicca
    • Esoteric christianity/Islam
  • Fiction
    • Real magic novels
    • Novels that also teach something esoteric (e.g. Dion Fortune, Celestine Prophecy)


If your book fits into the above or similar, you are welcome to ask us for a review. Self-published books also welcome.

Our Reviews

Our reviews are paid (see price list). We offer two types of service as follows;

  1. Basic Book Informational posting - $4.99
  2. Written review - $50

For a basic book informational posting please provide us with some information about your book and you. This should include ISBN and publisher details and a link to the book on We will post a photo and description of your book along with links to the Amazon purchase page. Your listing will remain on our site without a time limit.

For a written review, please send us a paperback or hardback of your book to the address listed. We will read the book and post a review within 30-days of receiving the hardcopy of the book. We cannot guarantee a favourable review but we can guarantee an honest review. Please don’t be offended if the review is not as brilliant as you might wish for.