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The Sun and the Serpent

The Sun and the Serpent
Written by Hamish Miller & Paul Broadhurst

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Book Blurb

If you are into ley lines, then this book is a must for you. It literally maps the Michael and Mary ley lines (which originate in Cornwall in the South West of England) in the finest detail, and takes you on a journey through ancient history to present day. Not only will you discover where the ley lines criss-cross the English countryside but you will find out how the ancients used the ley lines to locate their sacred sites and activate their energies at key times of the year to promote fertility and harmony in the landscape and the people.

Our Review

Actually, I have now read this book twice. The first time it was a quick read about an interesting journey across England following the Michael and Mary Earth energy lines. It is full of accounts of beautiful and historical spiritually relevant places and I enjoyed it. A lot of the content in terms of the dowsing experience was lost on me as I treated it more of a leyline narrative in which all these marvellous places appear connected in a line.

Then I started dowsing myself.

Re-reading the book as a dowser of Earth energies myself, I now got it. The descriptions of the lines, the nodes and of dowsing itself suddenly all made sense to me - a sense that I hadn't appreciated the first time. Suddenly, I held in my hands a book full of wisdom and a ground breaker if the truth be told.

Either as a dowser or as a layperson, I can recommend this book. Hamish Miller was a bright light in the community of dowsing and that light shines through every page. It is also a journey I would like to follow, book in hand, and share with the authors. A guide to a n important leyline.

My only critique is that the language and style of writing is now a bit dated and at times. Otherwise - a must in terms of strange books for your library.

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