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Weird Tales – Other World Poetry

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Weird Tales is the second book published by Dr. G. Michael Vasey and it is a collection of poems or simply ‘words on paper.’

There are words I could use to tell you

Exactly how I feel

But they have no meaning

For they are just words

Awkward sounds juxtaposed

Lacking translation

Losing their meaning

“These are my innermost secrets. These are the reflections in my soul of the experiences of life. I bare my soul to you the reader and trust that you will find something of interest here and recognize in my weird tales something to convinces you that all human spirits share in the depths and the heights of life. My tales are ‘weird’ because they do not necessarily follow any particular rules and because they dig deep inside my consciousness grasping for age old archetypal symbols that have driven mankind for time immemorial. They are ‘other world’ because they speak about my inner self – my true self. And as a result, they are truth – my truth.”

Dr. Vasey is also the author of ‘Inner Journeys: Explorations of the Soul’ published by Thoth Publications.

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