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Giants Dance: Rhyme and Reason

Giants Dance: Rhyme and Reason
Written by Sue Vincent & Stuart France

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"There they are in all their humble and not so humble glory the Shepherds, the Kings and the Manger...All of them illumined by the Star. “Sort of fitting wouldn’t you say? A cast off idea amongst all the other cast offs.” “It’s still a marvel of symbolism though isn’t it?” coos Wen. “Even though it never took place.” “There you go again...Donald Sams, determined as ever to meddle.” “The most orthodox of the orthodoxy can’t dispute that one.” “That it never took place?” “That it never took place quite like that.”" It began with a walk over the bracken covered hillsides of Derbyshire to a lonely stone circle, almost forgotten. It was just a walk...until the hawk flew from the tree and once again the visions began. Plunged into a realm beyond reality, further than history, deeper than time, Don and Wen begin to unravel the hidden messages hidden in plain sight, concealed by habit and acceptance, and the extraordinary magic framed within the small things of ordinary life. Follow a journey across the Heart of Albion and become an Initiate of the mysterious verity of verse. Illustrated in Full Colour throughout.

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