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The Definitive Wee Book on Dowsing

The Definitive Wee Book on Dowsing
Written by Hamish Miller


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Book Blurb

This is a small book, but it's packed with information on the history, development and practice of the ancient art of dowsing. It will appeal equally to beginners and experienced practitioners as it moves deeper into advanced techniques, probing into some of the more esoteric uses of the age-old skill. The uses of dowsing Hamish Miller covers include finding waterpipes, streams and building foundations, checking health, allergies, body energies and chakras, dowsing in churches and cathedrals, and dowsing the earth's energy field.



This is a fun little book. It basically takes a page per topic and is paired with an illustration by Jean Hands on the opposite page many of them featuring the master dowser, Hamish Miller, himself. Mr. Millers personality looms large throughout the book with a quirky sense of humor on every page. From defining dowsing and moving through quick but useful descriptions of how to make a set of dowsing rods and how to use them as well as pendulums, this is an invaluable little book. It briefly overs the history of dowsing and many of its uses from water diving to Earth energies and much more. It seamlessly moves onto to other examples of sensory perception like remote viewing and simple use of the hands as well. I very much enjoyed the book and will treasure it as a part of my collection as a small, quirky but useful hardback written by a real personality and master doswer. It was also in this book that I validated a discovery I had made of an energy vortex here in the Czech Republic using dowsing rods as I defined it as rather like a Fibonacci-shape. Then, I discovered this is exactly how Mr. Miller writes about them.

Illustration from the book of an energy vortex

Recommended reading and as a collectors item.

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