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The Beast (The Verge Book One)

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Book Blurb

Poised precariously between imagination and madness, The Beast is a psychological thriller and action novel in which several personalities from parallel worlds come together in a single body at a turning point in their lives. It is a culmination of absolutely different tales, where the author balances on the edge of the conceivable, or, as he himself refers to it, on the verge of insanity.

If you are looking for an ordinary thriller, this book isn’t for you. There is nothing ordinary about it. But if you want to see what lies beyond the edge, what happens when a writer steps outside the bounds of standard literature, then yes, you will like this novel.

Our Review (Paid)

For aeons mankind has sought to rise to it’s full potential but we inhabit a Universe in which duality exists. The Beast, the shadow, the demon, the Devil – whatever your own name for it, is a part of that duality tugging at us, consuming us and holding us back from our true selves. That is what I believe and that is what this amazing book is about. To escape the Beast, we must first recognize Him. Having recognized Him, we must then find a way to assimilate Him and in the process, render Him harmless.

Bobrov has produced a super story written in a compelling manner that gives us all a glimpse of this battle and even some hints on how to ‘win’. It uses a number of sci-fi vehicles to do this such as parallel universes, space and time travel, and a hint of magic a la Carlos Casteneda. This adventure in human psychology and the meaning of life, involves all of those and yet it takes place within the confines of a single individual. The duality is essentially resolved within a unity and that is rather clever on the part of the author.

For those who do not have a clue what I just said let me tell you in plain English. This is a hell of a book. Well-written, it holds your attention from page to page. It is filled with knowledge and it’s a rather good plot with intriguing characters and events and, to unfortunately have to resort to a cliche, it will make you think. If it does not do this, then I fear, the Beast has already won.

Highly recommended....

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