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The Templar Door

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Book Blurb

I am not chasing the Holy Grail, the sacred Head known as Baphomet, the Ark of the Covenant or anything to do with Sacred Bloodlines. I simply want to know why the Templars of Wiltshire seem to have haunted me for some years. I will take the reader on what I hope is an unusual and rumbustious journey as I try to commune with and ultimately release these revenants from my psyche. Necessarily, I will be talking about: crop circles, spirit paths, telesmic interfaces, poltergeists, High Teas, plasma energies, hand bags, ley lines, bull-roarers, picnics and Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind (including, bizarrely, my encounter with an alien in a shopping centre); past lives, parallel lives, Spirit of Place, pseudo-Cathars, faux-Templars, group souls and Higher Beings (whom I don’t trust much) and of course buggery and humbuggery among the Templars themselves. This is not a scholarly tome, but I hope that there are enough yarns, tricks and techniques within it that might open the readers’ eyes – all three of them – and leave them feeling they’ve had an enjoyable jaunt alongside me.

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