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The Green Man and the Dragon

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Book Blurb

"The Green Man and the Dragon" talks about the mystery behind the myth of St George.


The Green Man and the Dragon is a fascinating journey that starts essentially wondering why churches in England have many more green men than images of Jesus? Who does the green man represent? Paul Broadhurst takes us on a journey in which he looks at the meanings and origins of St. George and St. Michael and dragon conquerers in general, the true nature of dragons and much much more.

Is St. George really based on a christian knight martyred in the early days of christianity? Did he really fight and vanquish a dragon? Or his he a christianized version of a far older 'power' in the world? A christianized pagan god perhaps?

The book is a gripping read from start to finish dripping with ideas, magic and a true appreciation for the Earth as a spiritual being. It has motivated me to go out and attune to the energies here in the Czech Republic armed with a new way of looking at things.

I have ordered other books by this author and this to me is a must read. 5 Stars!

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