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The Forgotten Mage

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Charles Seymour was a man of many talents and considerable occult skills. the friend and confident of Dion Fortune, he worked with her and his magical partner, Christine Hartley, for many productive years. As one of the Inner Circle of Dion Fortune's Society of the Inner Light, Seymour was a High Priest in every sense of the word, but he was also one of the finest teachers of the occult art to emerge this century. In the past, little of Seymour's work has been widely available, but in this volume Doloras Ashcroft-Nowicki, Director of Studies of the Servants of the Light School of Occult Science, has gathered together a selection of the best of Seymour's work. His complex scholarship and broad background knowledge of the Pagan traditions shine through in articles which include: the Meaning of Initiation; Magic in the Ancient Mystery Religions; the Esoteric Aspect of Religion; Meditations for Temple Novices; the Old Gods; the Ancient Nature Worship and the Children of the Great Mother.

I can thoroughly recommend this book. It is well edited but the Seymour articles are just superb. Not only are these articles well written, well reasoned and full of detail but they display a level of learning lost in today's modern world. OK - so he is a little opinionated at times but when put in the context of his times, its easy to understand why. There is meditation material in this book to last years. Thanks Dolores for bringing this material to the light of day.

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