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The Essentials of Magick: A Complete Guide to Common Elements of All Magical Systems

The Essentials of Magick: A Complete Guide to Common Elements of All Magical Systems
Written by Nathaniel

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A universal guide to the essential basics of magick. It teaches the general theory and practices common to all magical paths of the World. Besides theory, learn practical skills of cleansing, grounding, magical self-defense, intuition development and more. Learn about spirits, clairvoyance, energy manipulation, energy shields, deities, spells, incenses and many other things that will guide you on the path of magick!

This book is mainly for, but not limited to:

- Practitioners of ceremonial magick – whether it's Enochian system, modern Chaos Magick, “Golden Dawn” based systems and so on.

- Pagan practitioners – those who follow practical pagan and neo-pagan paths. By practical we understand those paths, that include magical practice and rituals, and the practitioner chose a solitude path.

- Witches and shamans – those who walk the path of witchcraft as solitude practice and as part of Wiccan religion (or other system of witchcraft, for example those based on “Aradia, or the Gospel of the Witches”); and shamans, guided by spirits who would like to learn a bit more about essentials of magical practice.

- Psychics – those who have awakened their extra-sensory perception and are using their skills on a daily basis, for example, to offer psychic readings, psychometry or psychic healing.

- New Age followers - those who use the Law of Attraction, or participate in New Age workshops, or practice different schools of self-growth and spiritual development.

- Card readers and fortune tellers – those who practice divination with Tarot, runes or angel cards, or use any other method of divination and fortune telling.

- Healers – those who are Reiki healers, or Pranic healers, or those who use other forms of energy for the purpose of healing.

- And anyone interested in magick, spirituality, psychic abilities and the paranormal.

If you feel you belong to one of these categories or similar, then this book is definitely meant for you.

Our Review
To be honest, I am a bit puzzled by this book. In a way it is what it purports to be and it does in depth discuss the common features of different systems of magic. It does so comprehensively and well. However, no where in this book could I find any practical steps to making magic. I kept reading and reading and reading expecting to be given some practical steps to take on the very next page only to find more descriptions of what spirits are, what angels are and so on. Perhaps very useful for a beginner or someone testing their interest levels but for anyone who is a practioner, this book has little to offer.

So, it is comprehensive, well written in an engaging style, a good reference guide to aspects of magick and actually written in a sympathetic and interesting tone. Nathaniel comes across as a nice man in the style of writing. Not a practical guide at all. I don't recall even finding something like the Qabbalistic Cross inside its pages for example.

In the end, I wondered why I had read the book as I learned nothing at all.

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