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The Complete Secret Cypher of the Ufonauts

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Book Blurb

SECRET CIPHERS, RITUALS, CABALS, MEN IN BLACK AND THE UFO PHENOMENON.... For more than five decades, rumors have circulated amongst researcher that the UFO phenomenon is somehow directly linked to Occultism. Now, veteran UFOlogist Allen Greenfield provides proof of those connections and exposes the he UFO mystery with the discovery of hidden Secret Ciphers and Rituals used by UFONAUTS, Contactees, Occult Adepts and their Secret Chiefs who have maintained communication with Mysterious Ultraterrestrial beings who control force beyond our comprehension and human adepts, stretching from antiquity to the present moment. The entire library of magical invocation and evocation, seen in this light, is revealed to be a disguised transmission of these technologies. Now for the first time, The Complete Secret Cipher of the UFONAUTS gives you the tools to understand the ciphers and rituals, and to tap into this secret language of the ages and use it to make your own startling discoveries.

Book Review

This is a strange book! Well suited to this site in fact. It just jumps in to the topic in strange ways. However, in the end, it is one of those books that has you thinking and thinking and thinking. Allen Greenfield is on to something. The funny thing is, the actual use of the cypher in the book is minimal. There are no instructions on how to use it or apply it. The book is really about trying to show a link between the entities of magic and the entities of ufology. An attempt to suggest they are one and the same. It is effective in that I came away somewhat convinced that there was something weighty worthy of further analysis and reflection in this book. In a sense, it spins an alternate reality that as you read through the books takes on the mantle of this reality. It is a strange feeling. As you read this book, your world view shifts with the narrative. It is either the work of brilliance or madness and perhaps both.

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