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The Qabalah: Beyond the Veil

The Qabalah: Beyond the Veil
Written by Gordon Strong

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The Qabalah has long been a system of mysticism and magic that few could truly understand, thanks to the difficult and obtuse language and symbolism employed. Many texts have appeared, offering to explain this mysterious subject, but few do so as succintly as this book. The Qabalah: Beyond the Veil aims to lift the lid on this extraordinary tradition, utilised by Jews, Christians and Hermeticists. It provides a brief look at the primary aspects of the system, from the Sephiroth and Paths on the Tree of Life to the Lightning Flash and those most impenetrable of all veils: those of Negative Existence itself.

Gordon Strong has a productive year and this is the last of several books he has had published in the last 12-months. The book is similar in some respects to his recent short book on The Tarot in that both books are really commentaries. In this book, Gordon provides an insightful commentary of the Qabalah drawing upon his experience and practical knowledge of the topic to provide us with useful thoughts and instructions. In other words, this book isn't the place to start studying the Qabalah but more of a useful handbook to have available as you do so.

The one criticism I have is that it could have done with an extra edit. There are more than the usual number of small typos throughout the book and while Gordon references certain works in footnotes, many of these do not actually appear in the bibliography - a minor annoyance.

Anyone familiar with Gordon's work will know what to expect and for those if you who are unfamiliar, Gordon is quite forthright in his opinions and views on magic and various aspects of magic and as usual, that comes through quite clearly.

It took me a couple of hours to read from cover to cover and in places, it had me making noted for further reflection and research. A useful addition to any magician's library.

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