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Inner Journeys: Explorations of the Soul

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Inner Journeys: Explorations of the Soul is an autobiographical account of studying with a western mystery school. It explains;


  • How to meditate, visualize, and explore inner worlds,
  • What occult schools actually offer their students,
  • Why the occult and magic have more in common with self improvement and psychoanalysis techniques than with the idea of wand waving, broom riding magicians.

An honest and open look at the world behind the veil. Rarely will an occult author offer up something that doesn't leave the reader feeling confused and completely inadequate. This story gives a sense of warmth that made me feel like I was spending an evening with an old friend rather than reading a book. I was impressed with the amount of emotion the author was able to draw out; the ride induced moments of awe, tinges of excitement and feelings of total clarity. I highly recommend this book to the occultist and non-occultist alike. It gives a meaningful glimpse into the mindset of those working the Secret Knowledge and shows how these practices are neither dark nor evil.

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