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Dark Magery

Dark Magery
Written by Alan Richardson

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Book Blurb

This is non-fiction, and a follow-on from ‘The Sea Priest’, this time showing my attempts to link with obscure aspects of Aion, Set, Sekhmet, Mithras, Anubis and various pertinent if unlikely historical individuals on the physical plane. So it’s a story of lost and forgotten deities, and the lost and forgotten ways in which Darkness can be pure and healing. It’s also an everyday Quest that can involve and empower all of us, no matter where we live, or how we live. I would argue that by keeping it all Simple, it can transform even the most mundane of lives, and show that they were never mundane in the first place, and were actually filled with Mysteries.



Another witty magical ramble by Alan Richardson in search of the dark side.... sounds a bit like Star Wars! Still suffering from Pneumonia or its after effects and his OM ailments (read the book!) as COVID-19 initially threatens and then results in a lockdown in the UK, Alan finds solace in the birds in his back garden and ponders about a whole bunch of things magical and otherwise. But then, everything is really magical. Interlaced with globs of significant magical thinking and theory, we follow Alan on what seems to have been an increasingly frustrating journey seeking Aion. The strange thing is that in seeking out this darkness, Alan may have inadvertently found it in his own circumstances and I can't wait for the next volume to figure out how he reverses his own magic.

A lovely book. Full of esoteric expertise and a lot of interesting magical yarns.

A must read.

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