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Collecting Feathers: Tales From The Other Side

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In Collecting Feathers, Daniela I. Norris blends pitch-perfect storytelling and a keen spiritual awareness to bring us a beautiful and haunting set of tales from the beyond. A feast for the heart, mind and soul, each story is layered with unfolding intrigue, and each one will stay with you long after the pages have been turned.



This delightful collection of short stories is a joy to read. I read one story each evening savoring each and taking the time to think over each one. The stories are all connected in the sense that each has a paranormal aspect to it. Each story deals with the relationship between life and death; the deceased and the living. Each is a well written and captivating story set in a variety of locations around the globe with believable characters and each has a little twist at the end. Sometimes the twist is predictable and other times it is a surprise. The stories are warmly human. They appeal. I enjoyed this book a lot.

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