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Believe and it is True: A Story of Healing and Life Lessons

Believe and it is True: A Story of Healing and Life Lessons
Written by Deborah Lloyd

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This book is a personal narrative detailing a transformative healing journey. Fifty years after polio struck Deborah's little three-year-old body, she was diagnosed with post-polio syndrome, with its overwhelming fatigue and muscle weakening. But, she did not accept the possibility of losing the use of her legs, again. Instead, she met the challenges head-on, healing her emotional wounds and strengthening her physical body. Her story is told through her experiences of learning essential life lessons - life lessons available to every person - to manifest a healing journey. Although her strong faith was developed through traditional religious beliefs, she discovered other spiritual realities, leading to an exploration of alternative healing methods. Learning the energy healing method of Reiki, finding solace in connecting with deceased relatives, and working through emotional issues with a shamanic intuitive healer are just a few of her experiences along this amazing path. Deborah's story resonates with anyone seeking mind, body, and spiritual healing. Every person can discover the power to heal. Believe And It Is True is a reality for all.

This charming and educational little book deals with the broadening of life’s horizons for a typical American couple and how this brought both healing and dramatic changes to their life. Deborah Lloyd tells the story through a series of chapters that track her life and the lessons that she has learned from it. Each chapter concludes with a short observation about how to live life based on her experiences. It is a pleasure to read as the story is told with an innocent excitement and joy of life that all too often is missing from people’s lives.

Ms. Lloyd is from the American mid-west, a rural and Christian background growing up in the late 50’s and early 60’s. Her young life was blighted by polio, painful surgeries and low self-esteem. She married young to Gary who shared something of the same rural, religious background. Fast forward to the 1990’s and through a series of coincidences Deborah and Gary start to become interested in alternative healing methods and approaches including Reiki and massage. As they allow these ‘new age’ methods into their lives, they begin to open to a variety of other ideas and concepts such as the spirit world, meditation and reincarnation. They discover healing, purpose and God’s will in all of this.

The story is told in a simple manner and what shines through is Ms. Lloyds’ faith. She believes in God and purpose and she accepts her life and its lessons and rewards. In doing so, not only is she emotionally healed and liberated but she is miraculously physically healed too. Throughout the entire process, she maintains her Roman Catholic religion and is able to incorporate shamanism, alternative healing methods and reincarnation into her beliefs. Today, she is a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master incorporating shamanistic intuitive techniques into her Reiki sessions and a certified holistic healing practioner. Her life has changed tremendously in fact.

Having lived for nearly two-decades in the south of the USA where a certain brand of ‘hell and damnation’ Christianity is very strong, this book gives me hope. Anyone can open their mind and accept God or Divine purpose into their lives without compromising their Christianity. It just takes a little more trust in God and an understanding that life is a rich tapestry of experience. I enjoyed reading the book and recommend it to anyone who is beginning to explore their spirituality. As Ms. Lloyd says, Believe and it is true.


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