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The Black Eyed Kids

The Black Eyed Kids
Written by G. Michael Vasey
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Black Eyed Kids - Are they just a scary urban myth or something much more sinister?

Kids with black eyes and monotone voices terrorizing neighborhoods across the USA and beyond. Discover what the black eyed kids are and experience chilling true and actual encounters with these frightening creatures.

Supernatural expert, G. Michael Vasey, carefully investigates this truly terrifying phenomenon using real-life encounters with these scary supernatural beings. The result is a truly unsettling and sometimes terrifying book that will have you fearfully anticipating that knock at your door... late at night.

Who and what are these mysterious visitors to the doorstep?
Are they demons, aliens?
What do they want?
Why do they need to enter your home and what happens if they do?

Small kids that ask to use your phone or for a ride and yet those that encounter them are scared to death even before they notice their black eyes.

The Black Eyed Kids by G. Michael Vasey, the master of the supernatural.....

Reviewers said....
"Wow i loved the book. Its very scary !!!!"
"Seriously. I am left with an uneasy feeling of being watched, and have just gone round the house closing all the blinds."
"Really scary!"

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