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Archive for June, 2014

An Interview with G. Michael Vasey by Nick wale

A Conversation with G. MICHAEL VASEY Author of THE LAST OBSERVER Expat Brit located in the Czech Republic G. Michael Vasey is one of those unique writers you come across on a hot summer day. I have marvelled at this interview, and I’ve wondered what I can really say about it. I like this writer—a ... Read More

Chance to win a signed copy of The Last Observer

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An Interview with Gordon Strong

Strange Book Reviews is very pleased to welcome multi-talented and well known author, Mr. Gordon Strong to our website in the form of an interview. First, a few words about the man himself.... Gordon Strong has written numerous books on the Arthurian legends, Neolithic sites, The Tarot, Qabalah, Magic and magical practioners.  Seven novels by ... Read More

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